Curitiba, the world’s leading eco-city? (GUIDED TOUR)

An Irish eco dude in Brazil

Duncan Crowley’s First Curitiba tour with Architecture Weekend now ready, just click on the website, book tour and see you here soon…

Curitiba, the world’s leading eco-city?


In one of the most unlikely places, huge creativity has arisen since the 70’s. Visit Curitiba to understand the urban evolution of what many call the most ecological city on the planet.

In times of ecological uncertainty Curitiba has been seen as a great model to learn from. “The city is not the problem, it is the solution” were the words of architect and ex mayor of Curitiba, Jaime Lerner. The tour starts in the heart of the old city centre exploring pedestrian streets and viewing some examples of the city’s artistic and cultural life like the Guaira theatre. We will then explore a wide range of green areas in the city, of varying scales, each with their own unique…

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