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Inscrevemos a BICICLETARIA CULTURAL como ideia para transformar o mundo e as maneiras de coexistir.

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We are a practical idea already, as a social enterprise. We are the result of a private initiative of two cyclists activists, Patrícia Valverde and Fernando Rosenbaum that came to meet the lack of infrastructure in Curitiba downtown in august 19th,2011, initially motivated by the absence of safe bike parking in the city. In 3 years already, we serve business hours, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 7h30 pm except events and special days when we go further with a cultural and artistic agenda here. Our mission statement calls the celebrating of good ideas to cultivate a social base. In addition to bicycle parking our program has mechanical service with community use of tools inspired by the idea of bike church (where people can learn to repair their bicycles with the help of knowledgeable mechanics), basic course for those who do not know and bike balance teaching classes for all ages, e.g.:

Our calendar is fulfill of music and visual arts exhibitions (this show is held here since its beginning), workshops, plays and events that contributes to the topics brought by the bike culture and their tangents issues as sustainability initiatives, ecological awareness, citizenship (for instance:, creativity, art and economy among others (

The flow of people, interests and affinities focus here grow an immense capital of mobilization, with a powerful flow of information that ables and energizes new forms of co-existence, what is our vision as a social enterprise.

In this context, comprehensive and inflamed social issues and environmental emergencies, are the base of the problems that we treat, gathering more and more people to exercise their autonomy and discover their real needs.

Therefore, we are all interdependent and co-responsible of the traffic, pollution and the stress of urban space and so we work making compliments to the bike facilities, establishing the relationship with the metropolis, promoting more intimacy and complicity of the common space. This link presents a project that happened in 2012 when we offered free bikes as long as you stay responsible during its use (max.7 days): and the partnership with an international event lending for free bikes to visit the open air works of art during the exhibition:

The achievements of this work includes the state law of Paraná no. 17.385 (13/12/2012) (view:  electing month of September as bicycle due to the promotion and development of proactive actions (thanks mostly to the ArtBiciMob Festival, which since 2007 includes actions and activities in September) organized by the same community that follows Bicicletaria Cultural and currently, to the voluntary and collective construction of a public space, given by the city municipal government, located in front of us, called Praça de Bolso do Ciclista / Pocket Square Rider, to promote cycling in the city. See more:,,

Collectively or individually, the bike compensates vehicle displacement as a means of quality of life through exercise, activation of health, sense of well being and economy. Finally, we are identified by the movement of the city for people (and not the cars), enhancement of public space (and not the enclosure built by shop windows and malls), and of the preservation of parks and squares favoring interaction and socialization of children, and young adults anyway.

A growing number of fans and even curious, are running for the possibility of change in their lives. We are witnessing a collective dreamed possibility. (Some more links that illustrates it:

Working with a low commercial vehicle appeal and close to community as we are, some difficulties can happen. Our sweaty and rare achievements, are still celebrated. Apart from the public budget to bike lanes policy, cut in recent years for failing to use (although projects were suggested and televised), Bicicletaria Cultural turned out to be a great vortex of popular mobilization although is needed finance help to improve and reform, expand jobs ( and increase revenue and maintenance.

This is a pioneer and central support to the rider in downtown. Here are some prizes we have: 1st national prize as a social entreprise by NGO Aliança Empreendedora (2012) –; 1st national enterprise for the promotion of mobility trough bicycle by NGO Transporte Ativo – and, the contemplation as a social enterprise to participate in Projeto Legado/ Legacy Project (2014), and have professional consultancies – recently we received the “Project Management for evelopment Professional”  – PMD Pro (level1) certification (

Its founders with spontaneous employees manage to organize Bicicletaria Cultural as a family that promotes the meeting of generations, interdisciplinarity and a new way to co-exist.

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